Wendesday Morning Prayer

For all who wish to join us we will be having a weekly prayer meeting on Wednesday mornings. We believe that God, the maker of heaven and earth loves us immensely and has called us to himself. Although he knows everything, yes, even the future, he has commanded us to pray to him, to cry out to him, to ask him to work in our lives, and the lives of those he has put us in connection with. Prayer is an excellent way of worshiping our God, focusing on him, praising him, and putting ourselves in total reliance of his sovereign care.

We will be gathering In Snook’s apartment next to Reaney Park at 7AM.

Yes, it is early, hopefully early enough that most people will be able to come to at least a portion before heading up to classes and such.

What greater way to start out a day but to spend it in fellowship with other believers focusing on our God. The loss of some sleep is often surpassed with the vigor that comes from an increased awareness of the never ending presence of our God! We will spend some time in God’s word together that we may learn from it and to focus for prayer, and then we will pray!

While yes this is a Soma event we do not wish to make this exclusively for Soma, but rather a time when the people of God can gather before their father and lift up his name, our campus, our city, our nation, that he may do wondrous things in us and through us!

For more information please contact Dan Snook: dan_snook@wsu.edu


~ by somaefree on August 26, 2008.

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