Thoughts from Jim Wilson’s Talk

Last Tuesday, it was a blessing to hear from Pastor Jim Wilson of Community Christian Ministries on godly romantic relationships.  He spoke of seven signs, guiding lights, to discerning God’s will–“his good, perfect, and pleasing will” (Romans 12:2).

  1. The witness of the Spirit. What’s been on my heart?  Do I have peace about it?
  2. The Word of God. What does Scripture say?  If it’s not in line with Scripture, then it’s not God’s will.
  3. Circumstances. There’s no such thing as random happenstance.  Do circumstances line up?
  4. The counsel of parents. What do my folks have to say?
  5. The counsel of other wise Christians. What do these brothers/sisters in Christ have to say about it?  (With romantic relationships, he said, close friends don’t count–they’ll tell you what you want to hear.)
  6. Wanting the will of God. Do I desire it?  (Not my will but his will?)  Am I praying about it?
  7. Get moving.  His analogy was to a ship navigating through a narrow passage.  It’s gotta be moving–although not at 60 miles an hour.

(I don’t think these are exactly the points he explained.  If you’ve got it differently, just let me know.  Thanks!  -Kyle)

For those who were there, what struck you about his talk?


~ by somaefree on November 25, 2008.

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