New to Soma?

We are a bunch of crazy college students who are passionate about God and knowing Him better.

“Soma” is Greek for the body — recognizing that God has designed us to be a body (see II Corinthians 12) with Jesus Christ as the head. We strive to connect with people as part of this body.  What does that look like?  Well, we pray together, sing together, read from God’s Word together and talk about it together… and love it.  By God’s grace we experience real friendship and fellowship.  It’s all centered around God’s relationship with us–what Jesus accomplished to save us.

Our main meetings are Tuesday evenings at 7:00 at the Evangelical Free Church.  There are tons of rides available — just send us a note if you need one.  We have a regular Thursday morning prayer hour and men’s and women’s small groups that meet every other week.  The Wednesday @ noon Alpha Series (with pizza!) is great for anyone exploring the foundations of Christianity.   As part of the E. Free church, many of us participate in various E. Free Bible Studies, especially Foundations for Marriage, which is an awesome class that you should take if you’re thinking about ever getting married.

You can explore this site, email us at, or call 360-981-5134 for more information.  We would love to see you at Soma!


~ by somaefree on January 11, 2009.

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